20 April 2011

Easter Greetings from Modest Tchaikovsky

This postcard was sent by Modest Il'yich Tchaikovsky (the composer, Pyotr's, brother) to Adolph Brodsky, second Principal of the Royal Manchester College of Music.  The image on the front is of The Catacombs in Rome, and it is dated 13/26 April 1908 (the two dates are due to the Russians' use of the Julian calendar until the Revolution - 13th April is the Julian date while 26 April the Gregorian one). 

The translation of the postcard is as follows:
'Easter greeting.  Christ is risen!  Dear friends of mine!  During your two-day stay with me, I have become as attached to you as though we had lived inseparably for two years!  One of these days I will send the photographs.  M Tchaikovsky'. 

Front of Tchaikovsky's Easter postcard to Brodsky, ref. AB/691

Back of Tchaikovsky's postcard to Brodsky, ref. AB/691

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