08 June 2010

Tuesday Titbit

Alan Rawsthorne

                                                       AR/2/3 'The Pip' Journal written by Alan and Barbara Rawsthorne in April 1917

Alan Rawsthorne was born in 1905 in Haslingdon, Lancashire. A former pupil of the Royal Manchester School of Music, Rawsthorne was noted for his writing and compositions which included the chamber cantata A Canticle of Man (1952), Concerto for ten instruments, written for Cheltenham in 1961 and the Ballade written for John Ogdon and two works for youth orchestra (Overture for Farnham and Theme, Variations and Finale) in 1967.

The RNCM holds a large number of the Rawsthorne family papers. The above photograph is of a quarterly journal called ‘The Pip’ which was written by Alan and his sister Barbara in April 1917, when he was twelve years old. The journal includes poetry, prose, topical and imaginative writings. The journal demonstrates that Rawthorne had an active and imaginative mind from a young age.

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