01 June 2010

Tuesday Titbit

Carline Crampton

                                              CC/3 Programme is a part of the Carline Crampton Collection  

Carline Crampton was a former violin and viola student of the Royal Manchester College of Music. She attended the college between1923 and 1929 and studied under Dr Brodsky. She left the college in 1929 after obtaining a Teaching Diploma. Crampton joined the Newent Orchestra and later became the conductor of the orchestra from 1948 until her retirement in 1992.

Carline Crampton amassed a collection of programmes from a number of local concerts, mostly of chamber music, which she had attended in the Manchester area between 1872 and 1946. The above picture is of a programme from a concert on the 16th October 1922, featuring the Flonzaley String Quartet at the Edward Isaacs Subscription/International Chamber Concerts held at Holdsworth Hall in Manchester.

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