11 May 2010

Tuesday Titbit

Philip Newman

Telegram to Philip Newman from Queen Elisabeth of the Belgians,
27 July 1956 (ref PN/14) 

Philip Newman was a renowned violinist who was born in Manchester in 1904. He was a pupil of the Royal Manchester College of Music and later became a noted soloist and teacher to Queen Elisabeth of the Belgians, a patron of the arts and an accomplished violinist.

The above telegram is from Queen Elisabeth of the Belgians, sent to Philip Newman on 27th July 1956. Newman amongst other noted musicians such as Casals, Stravinsky and Schweitzer, were intimates of Queen Elisabeth and were all involved in the founding of the Symphonicum Europaea in 1964. Queen Elisabeth attended most of Newman’s concerts and gifted him a gold mounted bow by François Tourte, one of the worlds finest bow makers.

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